Deputy struck by driver, injured for second time this winter

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy was injured Thursday, February 13th after being struck by a vehicle while assisting a motorist on the road -- marking the second time this particular deputy has been hit this winter.

While responding to a rollover crash on Highway 145, a driver lost control and hit another vehicle before crashing into a fire truck and the deputy's squad car. The impact was so intense, the deputy in the squad was thrown into his computer terminal.

The deputy was taken to the hospital and has since been released.

"He was the officer that was handling the scene on 894 at Greenfield when that crash occurred," said Capt. Daniel Hughes with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy suffered an injury during the historic pile-up on December 8th, but stayed on scene to help those in need. Capt. Hughes says this is becoming an all too common problem.

Although Wisconsin has had the "move over law" in place since 2001, a total of six deputies have been his since December first during similar accidents. Three suffered significant injuries, preventing them from returning to work as of yet.

"You have a responsibility to move over or slow down when you see an emergency vehicle ahead," Capt. Hughes warned drivers.

To make matters worse in the most recent case, Capt. Hughes says the motorist who struck the deputy Thursday is uninsured -- meaning taxpayers may be footing the bill to repair the squad car.