Deputies on hand at Farmington school after threatening emails directed at family members of students

FARMINGTON -- Washington County Sheriff's deputies have been on hand at Farmington Elementary School after threatening emails were directed towards family members of students at the school.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Sheriff's officials began investigating several reports of extorting-type emails that were directed towards family members of students who attend Farmington Elementary School in the Town of Farmington.

Farmington Elementary School is one of several elementary schools within the Kewaskum School District.

Sheriff's officials say it appears the intent of the email is to extort money from the family members of children attending that school. The recipients of the email appear to be isolated to families that have children in one specific classroom at Farmington Elementary School.

"Indicating physical harm, death to parents and that they have their eye on their families -- even at school," Superintendent Jim Smasal said.

Investigators say the emails asked for money and credit card information while threatening families.

"This very much looks like another scheme, if you will, to extort money from people," Smasal said.

Investigators believe someone, somehow got on a thread of emails from a certain teacher.

"This is very much like many other bogus email threads from outside the country looking for money, looking to extort money, looking to have you give a credit card number or something," Smasal said.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Kewaskum School District are collaboratively working on the investigation, and have taken several precautionary steps since receiving the communication.

Although the emails seem to be mass sent to the group of families within the specific classroom, no corroborating evidence suggests there is any credible threat.   Despite that, Sheriff’s deputies have been present on the school grounds since becoming aware of the threatening emails, and will have an increased presence through Friday afternoon which is the end of the school year for the Kewaskum School District.

"We feel very confident that our safety measures are adequate and with the help of police we want to continue to go on and enjoy the end of the school year," Smasal said.

The incident remains under investigation.