Denver Zoo divers treat fish to underwater pumpkin-carving show

As if carving a pumpkin on land wasn’t difficult enough: A group of creative staff members at the Denver Zoo in Colorado recently treated the saltwater aquarium fish to an underwater pumpkin-carving show.

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In the video, released on Oct. 23, Tropical Discovery dive specialists Alex and Tim got into the spooky spirit as they carved fish shapes into pumpkins. The footage showed fish swimming up to the gourds as the divers worked.

According to the zoo, underwater pumpkin carving, while festive, also provides nutrition for fish at the zoo’s Tropical Discovery enclosure.

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“It’s October, and that means it’s time for festive enrichment!” Denver Zoo said. “While festive for humans, this is also great for the fish, who enjoy this activity as our predators might enjoy a carcass feeding.”

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