Denied: Village of Caledonia committee won't grant dog kennel license to daughter of Debra Gray

RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- The daughter of 56-year-old Debra Gray, the former owner of the Orphan Kanines facility in Caledonia has been denied a license to operate a kennel by the Village of Caledonia's Legislative and Licensing Committee.

Debra Gray

Debra Gray has two open criminal cases out of Racine County.

Gray faces 171 charges in connection with "deplorable" conditions found last summer at the Orphan Kanines facility in Caledonia. She was criminally charged in that case on June 2nd, 2014. She posted bond, and it was ordered she not possess animals.

In November 2014, new criminal charges were filed against Gray after officials discovered a makeshift animal operating room in the basement of a home on County Road H in Caledonia owned by Gray's mother. Mary Pratt, a veterinarian found performing operations was charged as an accomplice.

Mary Pratt

Court records accuse Gray of handling "scheduling and billing" at the home where the spay/neuter operations were being performed. Court documents show Pratt told investigators she performed "hundreds of procedures" at the home -- saying Gray's daughter owned the surgical equipment.

In that case, FOX6 News learned Gray's daughter, Ravann LaCuran had applied for a kennel license with the Village of Caledonia after Orphan Kanines was shut down.

Documents show she wanted to keep a handful of dogs at a home on County Road H. The home was inspected, and the license was approved in August 2014.

There was no mention in the documents of plans for a makeshift surgical room.

Fast forward to this week: On March 9th, the Village of Caledonia's Legislative and Licensing Committee denied an application by Gray's daughter, Ravann LaCuran for a kennel license for a home on County Road H in Franksville. The license was denied due to Debra Gray's legal troubles and the fact that the makeshift surgical operation was being performed out of the home without proper zoning. Another factor in the decision was unpaid property taxes for the home LaCuran was hoping to receive a kennel license for.

Committee meeting minutes show LaCuran said she didn't understand why what her mother is accused of could be related to her kennel license application. LaCuran claimed that no matter what the committee decided, she is going to keep five dogs.

LaCuran is able to appeal this decision to the Village Board if she so chooses.

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