Demolition makes way for new Century City business park

MILWAUKEE -- City leaders and neighbors have high hopes for the former A.O. Smith Tower Automotive site on Milwaukee's north side as demolition begins. The demolition is just the beginning for Milwaukee's newest business and manufacturing location called Century City.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says, "Our goal is to have this be a modern business park wit roads and rail connections with modern storm water management, and with new buildings, new companies and employment opportunities."

Milwaukee's Redevelopment Authority acquired the 84 acre property at 27th and Hopkins two years ago for $35 million.

Many are hoping this will help to make Century City a thriving business park, similar to what it used to be.

Yvonne McCaskill lived in the area for 38 years, and she's seen the area go into decline as the manufacturing jobs dried up. She's hoping brisk economic development will translate to a revitalized residential area.

According to Forbes Magazine, Milwaukee is one of the cities best suited for manufacturing jobs. Milwaukee Alderman Willie Wade says Century City can be Milwaukee's welcome mat for new business.