Democrats want answers from Walker on John Doe case

MILWAUKEE -- Democratic lawmakers are asking Governor Scott Walker for more detailed answers in the on-going john doe investigation. This as new revelations are expected when one of Walker's top county staff members appears in court.

Democratic State Representative Jon Richards says, "I think the Governor owes every citizen of this state, and certainly the prosecutors his cull candor about what happened there."

Representative Richards of Milwaukee promises he'll be watching closely to see what's revealed in court on November 29th. That's when 49-year-old Timothy Russell will next appear before a judge. He has reached a plea agreement on charges he stole money from a veteran's group while working as an aide to then County Executive Scott Walker.

Governor Walker said, "Obviously, I'm very disturbed about what we've learned in that case. That wasn't something that was done in the office. It was something related to a volunteer veteran's organization, The Military Order of the Purple Heart. Obviously frustrating that individuals would try to take advantage."

While working for Scott Walker while he was Milwaukee County Executive, Russell served as Deputy Chief of Staff and County Housing Director. Russell faces two felony counts of theft and one misdemeanor charge. He allegedly took money from the Heritage Guard Preservation Society, and from two county board candidates' campaign funds. Prosecutors say the total was more than $20,000.

Another former Walker staffer, Kelly Rindfleisch, was sentenced to six months in jail for doing campaign work on the taxpayer's dime. Sentencing for another former Walker aide Darlene Wink pleaded guilty to charges of doing campaign of work on county time. Wink's sentencing has been postponed until January.