Democrats launch anti-Romney ad, will air in Wisconsin

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate hasn't yet been nominated, but already the Democratic National Committee is signaling out potential Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who is currently serving as Governor of Massachusetts. They're running an ad in a handful of perceived battleground states, and Wisconsin is one of them.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett supports President Barack Obama and unveiled the anti-Romney ad in Wisconsin. Mayor Barrett says Romney is a flip-flopper, and takes positions on issues based on the office he is running for. "The assault weapons ban, are you for it, or against it? A woman's right to choose, are you for it, or against it? Those are basic issues, and to have flip-flops on as many issues as we've seen, raises a question," Mayor Barrett said.

Republicans say they're taking the ad as a compliment, saying Romney is obviously the candidate the Democrats are most concerned about as someone who could take on Obama in 2012. "They are most concerned about Gov. Romney as an opponent. They think they can beat other people in our party, but they feel they'd have a hard time with Gov. Romney. What I make of it is, this is a president who can't talk about his record because his record has been so poor, so he's got to tear down his opponent, rather than do what most presidents would do if they had a great track record, which is to play it up," Former State Senator Ted Kanavas, who is the chairman of Romney's campaign in Wisconsin said.

The Republican National Committee is also accusing Democrats of over-hyping the ad, saying they only spent $14,000 on it, but while Democrats won't say how much they spent, they do say it was over $14,000.