Democrats and Republicans both claim victory in VP debate

MILWAUKEE -- It's like the end of a close boxing match both corners simultaneously celebrating victory. Democrats and Republicans both claim their guy won last night's Vice Presidential debate, but one expert says picking a winner is pointless.

A group of Obama supporters celebrates the arrival of what they are calling a victory for Vice President Joe Biden. DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse says, "He's authentic, and he's genuine and he really connects with the middle class. He has that in his bones."

About 20 minutes away women representing the Women for Mitt group view the debate differently. Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's sister-in-law Oakleigh Ryan says, "What we were hoping was that Paul would be Paul, poised, deferential, astute, competent, caring, he shared some personal stories and that's what you got."

UW-Milwaukee Mordecai Lee says there isn't much sense in arguing over who did a better job. "The only important thing about debates is if someone just blows it," says Lee."If somebody makes a gaffe, if somebody puts his or her foot in their mouth, because that's when voters start asking themselves 'is this person qualified?'"

Both sides also have a different take on Biden's demeanor. Woodhouse says, "I think one of the reasons the Republicans are focused on the Vice President's demeanor is they know Paul Ryan lost the debate, and they know he lost it miserably."

Oakleigh Ryan said, "By not engaging in that tit for tat kind of a shouting match we were able to have a good debate."

Lee says the President's passive showing in his first debate absolutely had a role in the Vice President's aggressive style.