Democratic candidates for governor gather for forum

MILWAUKEE -- Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial recall race against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker held a forum Thursday night, April 5th at Serb Hall in downtown Milwaukee.

A very partisan and supportive crowd of Democrats and unions showed up hundreds strong to cheer and hear from the four people seeking the Democratic nomination in the Walker recall race.

The four Democratic candidates were supposed to be together for the first time Thursday night at Serb Hall, since Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett declared his candidacy last Friday, March 30th. However, as the forum began, Barrett's chair was empty. There were initial concerns that Barrett had been in a car accident, but FOX6 News confirmed that Barrett had a prior engagement that caused him to be late to the forum event.

Two of Barrett's opponents, Secretary of State Doug LaFollette and state Senator Kathleen Vinehout both say they're running a more grassroots style campaign than Barrett.

The final candidate is Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Executive. Falk has already won several major endorsements from unions that pushed for Governor Walker's recall.

Barrett arrived just as the questions from the audience began Thursday night, and made his pitch to the voters.

One other candidate, running against Governor Walker on the Republican side identified himself as a Lincoln Republican and took positions on issues similar to those of the Democrats on stage.