Democrat: Revised Foxconn contract will protect taxpayers, language revised to "defuse the nuclear bomb"

MADISON — For the first time, we are learning about the contract, the details of which are being kept secret until Gov. Scott Walker signs the deal – which could happen Friday.

The newest WEDC board member and Democratic candidate for governor Dana Wachs says the Foxconn contract has 29 pages. In a flurry of tweets, he knocked the contract for lacking details and said Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax had a higher page count.

GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos fired back by saying Wachs was only appointed to the board to be “partisan 24/7 regardless of 13k good paying jobs.”

Meanwhile, a Democratic legislator on the state's economic development board says he's now satisfied that taxpayers are protected in an incentives contract with Foxconn Technology Group.

Sen. Tim Carpenter sits on the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which has been negotiating a contract to implement $3 billion in state incentives for a Foxconn flat-screen plant in Mount Pleasant.

The board delayed a vote on the contract last month after WEDC officials alerted board members of an unspecified problem. Carpenter warned that taxpayer funds could be exposed if Foxconn doesn't fulfill the deal.

Carpenter says now he's seen the contract and the language has been revised to "defuse the nuclear bomb." It's expected to get approval in a vote Wednesday.