'Definitely chilly:' Kids turned out in droves after Mother Nature postponed trick-or-treating

SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- Snow on Halloween 2019 postponed trick-or-treating in many communities, and there was a huge turnout Saturday, Nov. 2 -- with kids not about to miss out on their candy. The weather wasn't all that much better than it was on Thursday, Oct. 31, when several inches of snow fell. Trick-or-treaters had to bundle up and deal with a wintry mix on Saturday.

"Trick-or-treating was good," said Caleb Scott, who dressed as a ninja. "We got some king-sized Snickers."

After Mother Nature's Halloween snowstorm, the fun was rescheduled in 10 communities in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, and Waukesha counties.

"My daughter was disappointed, but was fine with waiting just 48 hours," said Amanda Reiswig. "We're excited that it's not dark, and icy, and slushy when we're doing it today."

Trick-or-treaters in Kenosha were out early enough to avoid any rain.

"My fingers felt like they were gonna fall off from how heavy my bag was, but I'm happy because how much I got," said Tommy Chick, who dressed as Jason.

"I ran out of candy within the first hour and I bought like, three bags," said Taylor Scott, parent.

In Brookfield, there was some rain and snow to start, and then the temperatures dropped to freezing when the sun went down

"It's definitely chilly," said a Brookfield parent. "I think anyone in Wisconsin who tries to pick a costume for their child, they'll be able to stuff a snowsuit under, so that's what we've achieved today."

They ended the day with bags filled with goodies.

"Trick-or-treating was pretty fun," said James Bergstrom, who dressed as a green blob. "We actually got a lot of candy for a cold day. Yeah, it was pretty good. Almost everyone gives handfuls."

Trick-or-treating in Elkhorn was rescheduled for Sunday, Nov. 3.