Deer stuck on ice on Tichigan Lake in Waterford

WATERFORD -- A deer got stuck on the ice on Tichigan Lake Wednesday, November 28th in Waterford. The situation had a small lake community captivated Wednesday, and Racine County and state authorities working to try to help the animal.

The deer was seen trying to get off the ice, but slipped and fell while trying. 

Mark Coons spotted the animal on Lake Tichigan from his backyard first thing Wednesday morning. Coons alerted neighbors about the stuck six point buck. 

Before long, Racine County officials and state conservation wardens arrived in the Town of Waterford. 

First, crews deployed a boat with a mud motor, but the ice was too thick. Then, they tried using an amphibious vehicle called an Argo in the hopes of driving past the deer, breaking the ice, and allowing the deer to swim to shore -- but that failed. 

Eventually, authorities drove to the other side of the lake and trudged out into the water in an attempt to evaluate the buck from a better angle, when they discovered that the deer appeared to be uninjured.

All efforts were suspended for the night on Wednesday. Officials say if the deer remains stuck on Thursday morning, they'll attempt to save him then.

"If we send personnel out, we`d be looking at putting personnel at risk and also the deer. If we start kicking it up and pushing it around, it could create injury to itself and make the situation worse," conservation warden Mike Hirschboeck said.

Officials said they hoped the deer would continue to make its way toward the shoreline overnight, and in the morning, it would be gone.