Days Inn worker saves 22-year-old woman who overdosed in parking lot

ARCHDALE, N.C. -- Michael and Mary Boone are thankful their daughter is alive after she overdosed at a local hotel last week. They say an employee at the Days Inn in Archdale saved their daughter’s life, according to WGHP.

The two said they never thought their 22-year-old daughter, Caitlin, would one day face the ugly end of drug addiction.

"It's just hard to deal with. 24 hours a day you're just waiting on that phone call,” Michael told WGHP. Last Thursday, it was their day.

"First thing, I didn't want to have to tell her father, because we knew what it was,” Mary said.

They couldn’t get in contact with Caitlin for a week. One of her friends reached out to them on Facebook and told them she was last seen at a hotel, needing help.

The general manager at the Days Inn in Archdale told WGHP that a night shift manager found Caitlin lying in the parking lot and immediately called the police. She was taken to High Point Regional Hospital for a detox.

"They were monitoring her because she was loaded up with quite a bit of drugs,” Mary said.

She said the hospital told them that Caitlin overdosed on methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

"It's a shame that kids are losing their lives and they really haven't started to live yet,” Michael said.

At that moment, Caitlin and her parents made a life changing decision. Through the community, they found several organizations that could help their daughter. She’s currently in a rehab starting the healing process.

According to Randolph County Emergency Services, they received 414 calls involving overdoses this year. Thirty-five of those resulted in death. Officials said these numbers are at an all-time high and it’s their most life-threatening call.

"We've received so many messages from people that are in the same situation and they're just waiting on a call from a coroner,” Mary said.

The Boones just hope that telling Caitlin’s story will touch the hearts of others that are struggling before it’s too late.