Day after four-alarm fire, Shady Lane Greenhouse open in Menomonee Falls

MENOMONEE FALLS --  It took nearly a half-dozen crews to put out a fire at Shady Lane Greenhouse in Menomonee Falls Friday, October 5th. However, just one day after the fire, Shady Lane Greenhouse was open for business.

FOX6's media partners at the recorded video of a thick, black plume of smoke coming from the fire Friday afternoon. Shady Lane Greenhouse owner Heidi Hornung said she's just happy no one was injured.

"My big concern was my dad and the other employees, and everybody was fine," Hornung said.

The fire destroyed a maintenance building that housed tools and decorations, but greenhouse officials said 80% of plants remained intact.  Even the company's famed model train set was undamaged by the fire. Hornung said the company has taken calls since the fire from those concerned of the status of the train set.

"It really wasn't an option -- our option is to be open.  That's what we are here for.  We're in business and we want people to come," Hornung said.

It is still unclear how the fire started, but officials believe it may be from work being done near the area.  Besides the maintenance building, plastic and fiberglass melted on two other structures.

"The fire department did a great job -- an outstanding job," Hornung said.

Hornung said some of the damage may not yet be seen.

"We'll probably see more damage as the days go on -- seeing how the plant material is affected," Hornung said.

The company says they are grateful for the help and concern of the community, and promise to work hard to repay so many who helped save their business.

"It's not going to slow us down. It's just a little chink in the armor I guess. We're going to continue to move on. Onwards and upwards," Hornung said.