David Zucker to direct 30 second Wisconsin tourism ad

MILWAUKEE -- He's directed the box office hit comedies "Airplane," "Naked Gun" and "Scary Movie," and now David Zucker will direct a 30 second ad he hopes will drive tourism in his home state of Wisconsin.

Zucker's ad will feature the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and will depict both indoor and outdoor winter fun across the state of Wisconsin, with plenty of humor. "There are a lot of things you can do to be clever and that will get a smile, but to get people to laugh out loud, that's the trick. So, that's the goal. What we do a lot in comedy is we take dignified situations, and then kind of poke holes in it, and make things dissolve into chaos, so that's what we're doing," Zucker said.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says in the state of Wisconsin, tourism is big business. "Not just on a seasonal basis, but on a year round basis, tourism is just over a $12 billion part of this state's economy. That's the third largest industry," Walker said.

Many organizations are donating their time to help with this ad campaign, and Zucker says he plans to donate the $10,000 he is making to his favorite charity. "By the time we get done with this project, we have over $50,000 of donated time and resources from folks around the state," Stephanie Klett with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism said.

Zucker's ad is set to debut on January 9th. Filming for the ad begins Thursday at the Riverside Theater. Zucker says when he's finished with this project, he hopes to return to his home state to film a movie.

For further details, read the official press release from Travel Wisconsin - the official Department of Tourism for Wisconsin.