David Foley scammed businesses out of thousands

David Foley is a convicted con man, known for writing bad checks to scam businesses out of thousands of dollars.

Federal authorities say since 1997, Foley has been arrested nine times for worthless checks, drunk driving, theft, forgery and even election fraud.

Foley was in court early in 2011 for a case of identity theft. His business partner told the court Foley not only victimizes banks, he gets the small businessman and the average, hard-working person in his cons.
One of those victim businesses is Sign-O-Rama in Milwaukee. The company lost thousands in profits when it made a sign for Foley's business in 2009, but was paid in bad checks. A representative of the company did not want to go on camera, but calls Foley a disorganized, shady businessman.
Prosecutors say Foley's greed was also noted when he paid $7,000 in scammed money for a face lift. The surgery was fresh on display for bank tellers in Glendale as he cashed a phony check. The money was used to pay off his doctor.