Dashcam video shows wild pursuit after vehicles stolen from Whitefish Bay home as family slept

WHITEFISH BAY -- Burglars entered a Whitefish Bay home, stealing two vehicles while the owners were sleeping. Dashcam video just released shows just how dangerous and difficult it was to catch the crooks.

The pursuit of the suspects was a wild ride for Whitefish Bay police. It began on Port Washington Road, and the dashcam video shows the suspect vehicle picking up speed.

"They are on three tires and swerving all over the place," an officer says in the video.

Pursuit after vehicles stolen from home in Whitefish Bay

Pursuit after vehicles stolen from home in Whitefish Bay

At one point, the suspect turned into oncoming traffic, and another driver had to slam on the brakes as the crook entered a neighborhood. Seconds later, the suspect stopped, hopping out of the car and taking off on foot. The officer followed quickly behind.

Another dashcam video shows other officers going after the second vehicle.

"We are southbound on Port Washington going through the business park," an officer says in the video.

When a squad approached, the video shows a suspect in red pants running down the street and down an alley.

Pursuit after vehicle stolen from home in Whitefish Bay

Pursuit after vehicle stolen from home in Whitefish Bay

Pursuit after vehicle stolen from home in Whitefish Bay

What led to the pursuits was a frightening burglary near Chateau Place and Diversey.

"We are religious about having the cars locked and the house locked," the victims said.

On November 8th, the couple said the suspects broke into their car and found a spare set of house keys in the middle console. They let themselves in while the couple was asleep upstairs.

"Then you start to think 'oh my gosh, what did they take that I don't even know is missing?'" the victims said.

Two of their cars were taken, and two of the suspects were eventually taken into custody. Whitefish Bay police arrested one suspect and recovered one of the stolen vehicles -- while Milwaukee police arrested another suspect and recovered the other stolen vehicle near 14th and Keefe.

In this case, the family said their vehicles were locked, but the proximity of the fob that opens it inside the house was too close -- allowing the suspects to open the car doors.

The Whitefish Bay police chief on Wednesday, November 15th shared an important reminder, telling FOX6 News the latest crime statistics show out of the last 16 cars stolen in the village, 13 were taken with the owner's keys. You're asked not to keep spare keys anywhere near your vehicle, and to always keep your doors locked.