Dashcam video released highlighting police response to Haughton home

BROWN DEER -- Dashcam video was released Tuesday, November 20th -- highlighting an incident during which Brown Deer police responded to the home of Zina Daniel and Radcliffe Haughton, after Daniel reportedly called 911. This incident has drawn controversy following the shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in October, as some said more could have been done back in January.

Zina Daniel called 911 the night of January 8th, after her husband, Radcliffe Haughton threw some of her clothes into the yard. When officers arrived, Haughton refused to come out of the home and Daniel refused to follow officers to the police station.

Though one officer thought they saw a gun inside the home, other officers did not, and Daniel told police Haughton was not armed. 

After 90 minutes, officers left the scene.

Following this incident, and the October 21st shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield that left Daniel and two others dead and four injured, the Brown Deer Police Department has faced criticism for not making an arrest on January 8th -- under Wisconsin's Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Law.

"That was referred to the District Attorney's Office, so although there was not an immediate arrest made there, it's not like everybody packed up went home and forgot about it. It was referred to the District Attorney's Office and there was charges," Bob Willis said.

Willis teaches criminal justice at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and was brought in as the independent investigator charged with looking into how Brown Deer police handled interactions with Haughton and Daniel. 

Willis received materials from Brown Deer police last week, and said he has already seen some information not released to the media.

Haughton was eventually charged with disorderly conduct for the January 8th incident. However, court records showed Daniel and a Brown Deer police officer did not show up for court, and the charge was dropped. 

Willis says the officer told prosecutors ahead of time they could not make it in court.

"It was known the officer was not going to be there that day. Somebody at a much higher pay grade made the decision to proceed anyhow, and that's why it ended up being tossed," Willis said.

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