Darlene Wink sentenced to one year of probation, fines

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Darlene Wink on Thursday, January 10th to one year of probation plus $1,000 in fines.

Wink is a former Milwaukee County worker who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of political solicitation by a public employee. She did campaign fundraising on behalf of her boss, then-County Executive Scott Walker, using her personal computer while on the job in the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Wink tearfully apologized on Thursday.

"I realize what I did was wrong and I apologize for my poor judgement. I do want you to know that I loved my job in Milwaukee County," said Wink.

Wink faced up to one year in jail. But her cooperating with the district attorney's office and agreeing to testify against other Walker aides and appointees charged in a John Doe investigation helped her cause.

Wink's attorney wanted her sentence to only be a fine. But the judge said more was called for.

"This is a serious matter," said Judge Daniel Konkol. "And there does have to be some serious restrictions on the defendant's life as a penalty...Probation can provide that type of penalty...But also probation give the chance to work on rehabilitation outside of confinement."

Wink cannot be involved in any political activity while on probation. If she violates the terms of probation, she must serve 120 days in the Milwaukee County House of Correction.

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