Danny's Lounge to remain closed in West Allis

WEST ALLIS -- The troubled "Danny's Lounge" will remain closed in West Allis. Problems over the summer forced the city to pull the bar's liquor license.

The owner of the building on 60th and Burnham agreed to a deal with the city of West Allis to let him keep the bar in that spot, but "Danny's" will no longer exist.

"I'm glad and I'm personally grateful to the city of West Allis that they're willing to work with business owners to come to a resolution that will not only satisfy the city of West Allis, but the neighboring community," attorney Vincent Bobot said.

The building's owner can now lease the space to the operator of a sports bar. As part of the agreement, the new bar cannot book bands or host a DJ, and is not allowed to play Top 40 music.

Danny Seiy has owned "Danny's Lounge" for for two years. Police say problems at the location go back further than two years, but say this year has been the worst to date.

A West Allis police report says almost 600 people gathered outside Danny’s Lounge early August 22nd. When police tried to break up the crowd, police say some resisted. One person reportedly jumped on an officer’s back. The police report indicates officers recovered a pistol someone dropped as they fled the scene.

In addition, a police report cites a July 14th incident where a man was found unconscious after a fight involving people who were in the bar.

On July 1st, police cited another fight and a large crowd gathering outside Danny’s Lounge.

Police data shows over 120 calls for service in 2012 alone.

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