Dancer who lost leg in Boston Marathon bombing hit by car

She lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, only to return to run the race again, as well as to dance. Now Adrianne Haslet has suffered another blow.

She was hit by a car Saturday evening in Boston and already has undergone surgery, reports TMZ.

"Struck by a car on Commonwealth Avenue, while on a crosswalk," Haslet revealed on Instagram. "Thrown into the air and landed, crushing the left side of my body."

The Instagram photo shows her wearing a neck brace in a hospital bed. "I'm completely broken," writes Haslet, who lost her left leg in the bombing. "More surgery to come."

Police cited the driver, who remained at the scene, for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The accident happened around 7:15pm, and the driver told police he never saw Haslet in the rain.

Based on her previous social media posts, Haslet appeared to be in training to run the 2019 marathon.

She was one of 17 people who lost a limb in the 2013 bombing, reports, but she ran the 2016 race with a prosthetic limb and also competed on Dancing With the Stars. (An airline once lost her prosthetic leg.)

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