Dance coach featured on Lifetime show accused of sex with minor student; exposing him to HIV

MEMPHIS, Tennessee -- A Memphis dance coach has been arrested after police say he had sex with one of his minor students and exposing him to HIV.

John Conner, also known as Coach John of the infamous "Dancerettes," featured on the popular Lifetime show "Bring It" is accused of hooking up with one of his underage students.

Police say Conner had unprotected sex with a 16-year-old boy he met online at least twice in 2015. He did not tell the victim he has HIV, according to an affidavit. The affidavit indicates they also sent each other texts that included nude photos and discussion of sexual activity.

Conner was 26 at the time.

"My brother ain't no bad person. He ain't never been to like, messing with no younger person, but I mean, you got they side and you got his side," Conner's brother said.

Conner's brother said John Conner found out he has HIV in 2012.

"He was already diagnosed with that a couple years ago -- so most people knew," Conner's brother said.

But according to court documents, the teenage victim had no idea of Coach John's HIV status.

"Really, he needs to be locked up, because if he knows he has a killing disease, that's just like murder to me," one person said.

While Conner proclaimed his innocence on Facebook before turning himself in, neighbors said if he is found guilty, he should be punished.

"He needs to get treatment. But still -- he knows that he has broken the law so the law needs to deal with him," one person said.

Conner was arrested Friday, September 16th and charged with criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by an authority figure.