Customs officials seize $351K+ worth of counterfeit $100 bills in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials seized $351,500 worth of counterfeit currency at a facility in Milwaukee on May 27.

The currency was in the form of 3,515 $100 bills -- located at an Express Consignment Operations facility in Milwaukee, according to a news release from the CBP.

According to CBP officials, the shipment arrived from Shanghai, China and was headed for a residence in Milwaukee.

The parcel was selected for examination, and when the parcel was opened, officers found what was later confirmed as counterfeit currency. The currency was made of poor material, was missing the required watermark, had no red and blue imbedded fibers, each bill had the same serial number and there were Chinese letters on back of bills in red, officials said.

CBP officials noted counterfeit money like this, described as Foreign Writing Notes, is a violation of federal law and is considered contraband. These Foreign Writing Notes were destroyed. Officials said just last year, more than $100 million of counterfeit currency was exchanged.