Curbside voting an option for those with COVID-19, in quarantine

Voters suffering from COVID-19 or quarantined on Nov. 3 do have options, but you must plan ahead.

"Don’t wait," said Reid Magney, Wisconsin Elections Commission. "Please contact your municipal court’s office now.” 

Hospitalized voters or those in quarantine have two options. The first is curbside voting -- normally designed for people with disabilities. 

"The poll workers will bring your ballot to you and can, you know, sort of give it to you through the car window, and then you can vote, put it in a privacy sleeve and they’ll take it back into the polling place and put it in the voting machine for you," said Magney.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission recommends this option for people who might have been exposed to COVID-19 -- but recommends these voters call ahead. Voters should also wear a mask and sanitize.

Hospitalized voters or those quarantined under a doctor's order can appoint an agent to get an absentee ballot. That agent can be a friend or family member but has to be eligible to vote. 

"They get the ballot," said Magney. "Bring it back to you. You can vote. Your agent will also witness it and then it has to go back to the clerk's office by 8 p.m. on Election Day.” 

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