Crews shoot commercials for Summerfest's 45th anniversary

MILWAUKEE --  Summerfest 2012 is fast-approaching, and dozens of fans will have the opportunity to be in new commercials celebrating Summerfest's 45th anniversary.

About 30 Summerfest fans were chosen to be in commercials. A casting call was held to select fans last weekend, and Sunday, April 29th, fans showed up to the Milwaukee Public Market for a commercial video shoot.

Russell Trawicki is one of those chosen to appear in the commercials, and he's thrilled. "It means a lot to me.  Summerfest is like the hallowed grounds.  When I go, I pretty much kiss the ground when I come in and I bow to it when I leave," Trawicki said.

Michael Winter calls himself "Mr. Summerfest," and is another of those selected to appear in the commercials. "I knew it was at the Harley-Davidson Museum and I thought, 'I'm going to go down there and be the best dressed, and I think I nailed it,'" Winter said.

Summerfest fans shared their favorite Summerfest memories as a part of the selection process.  "I've got memories being a young teenager around 1972.  That puts me around 14, coming down to the Fest and hanging out at the stage with the older kids," Trawicki said.

Commercials will air beginning the first week of June.

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