CreepyPasta narrators organize to raise money for stabbing victim

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Members of the CreepyPasta community are organizing a fundraiser to aid the victim of the stabbing in Waukesha County. Narrators of the stories from the CreepyPasta community are holding a 24-hour fundraiser live stream event on Friday, June 13th.

From noon on Friday, June 13th to noon on Saturday, June 14th on the MrCreepyPasta YouTube channel, the narrators are urging listeners to donate as much as can as they can -- even if it's just a dollar.

On that Friday, for 24 hours, CreepyPasta narrators, authors, artists and musicians will perform -- and donations will be collected.

All ad revenue generated by both the promotional video for the event and the live stream event will be donated as well.

In a email sent to FOX6 News, the narrators said, "Will you please aid us in our goal to help this little girl and her family during this trying time, and prove that it doesn't matter which community you are a part of, but that we can all work together to truly make a difference and help those in great need."

    The 12-year-old victim in this case was stabbed 19 times in the woods in Waukesha.

    Two 12-year-old girls are accused in this case. They are Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier.

    The girls have been charged as adults -- each facing one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime.

    The girls told police they stabbed their friend to appease a fictional character named Slenderman — whom they learned about on the CreepyPasta website. The girls told police they wanted to become proxies of Slenderman, and to do so, they needed to kill.

    The girls told police they had planned to kill their friend for months.

    Joe Jozwowski is an administrator for one of the CreepyPasta websites. He lives in Waukesha -- and he tells FOX6 News he heard the sirens after the stabbing last Saturday, May 31st.

    "It's very, very surreal. It hits both my real-life community and my online community," Jozwowski said.

    Jozwowski says he's shocked a "scary story" website is linked to this horrific crime -- as are many others.

    Jozwowski says the CreepyPasta community has decided to come together to do something positive for the victim.

    "The word that we're trying to get out is that we are a creative community. Just because we are fans of horror stories and ghost stories and the paranormal doesn't -- because we're fans of horror stories doesn't make us horrible people," Jozwowski said.

    The family of the 12-year-old victim has launched a "Hearts for Healing" online fundraising campaign.

    CLICK HERE to learn more about that fundraising effort.