"Creeped out," girls call police after noticing man staring at them in library

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- Two teenage girls are stalked while at the Greenfield Public Library. The alleged "peeper" was following them for weeks -- and was caught in a compromising position. But police were able to catch the suspect because of the victims' quick thinking.

Police say Robert Gidlund was doing his own version of "studying" -- he was even captured on camera peeping through a bookshelf.

"He admitted to watching these girls and stated he found them attractive," said Sgt. Sean Licht of the Greenfield Police Department.

Sgt. Licht says a 17-year-old girl noticed the suspect following her and her 14-year-old sister for about six weeks. According to an affidavit, the suspect would constantly stare at the victims; ducking and hiding behind the books to get a better look.

"Tuesday evening she really got creeped out by it for whatever reason," said Licht.

Court documents indicate Gidlund admitted to and was observed by the detective masturbating while watching the girls in the library. Gidlund claims he's done this at least 20 times with the two teens. He was arrested -- and when authorities searched his vehicle, they found a roll of duct tape.

Gidlund admitted to going to the library right before school lets out about three to four times a week to commit his actions. Although no physical evidence showed it, the suspect did confess to also committing these same acts numerous other times with several other girls in the library.

Police encourage any other possible victims to come forward.