Creator of Summerfest logo will soon turn 90!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Summerfest 2013 begins on Wednesday, June 25th -- and on the eve of Opening Day, some of the festival staff took a moment to pay a visit to Noel Spangler -- the creator of Summerfest's logo. Spangler will soon celebrate his 90th birthday!

"The biggest, fattest smile you could think of with bright eyes, so that happened on the desk with a compass and a straight edge and ruler to make that happen," Spangler said.

Spangler's design was accepted by Summerfest in 1970.

"That smile is a logo and a mark that sets our brand apart and is highly recognizable and does a magnificent job of communicating what Summerfest is about with a quick look," John Boler, Chief Marketing Officer for Summerfest said.

The logo's success spawned a nice career for Spangler.

"Through the years, I never had to go out and promote myself in the community. There was sufficient work that I didn't need to do that," Spangler said.

The logo has stood the test of time, and is now in its 43rd year.

"I think that it's remarkable that it's hung in there that long. I think it's remarkable that the persons who work with it didn't get tired of it. I think it's like a communications device. It's like a new word, if you can invent a new word, and this is like the invention of something that says Summerfest, and so I'm sort of proud of it in that respect," Spangler said.

The meeting between Spangler and Summerfest officials came about after Spangler's family let Summerfest folks know that Spangler is set to turn 90 in August.

Summerfest staff jumped at the chance to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for his logo.