Creative and colorful! Milwaukee mom has her own line of greeting cards!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee is known for a lot of things -- particularly beer, brats and hospitality. But there's one item made right here in Milwaukee that on this Mother's Day, likely made a lot of moms happy.

In the land known for its cheese and beer, Jennifer Doheny Peter has carved out her own piece of "Made in Milwaukee."

"This is my 15th year doing greeting cards," Doheny Peter said.

From Doheny Peter's home, thousands of cards are made and delivered to homes across the country.

"You have to ask yourself 'why is somebody going to send this card?'" Doheny Peter said.

After more than a decade in Portland, the artist has had a homecoming.

"I wanted to come home. I wanted to be with my family," Doheny Peter said.

From her tiny studio, Doheny Peter works on what she calls her "everyday line."

"It's pretty basic. People just want to say 'I love you,' 'I'm thinking about you,' 'I'm so happy for you,'" Doheny Peter said.

Standing out isn't easy in a crowded and competitive industry.

"I have a card with a little sheep and a bird on his head and it just says 'friendsheep,'" Doheny Peter said.

This year, Doheny Peter did something she's never done before.

"This is my first, official Mother's Day card!" Doheny Peter said.

There was good reason this year for Doheny Peter to step into the Mother's Day card foray. This year, Doheny Peter became a mother herself.

"Your heart just grows more than you could imagine, and you would do anything for the little one," Doheny Peter said.

When her drawing is complete, the operation moves to a corner office in Doheny Peter's home, where a college student helps her to upload the image to a computer, where final touches are applied.

Everything from the sizing to the printing is done in house.

When the hard work is completed, the card is out the door.

"Taking the road to a working artist is a brave path to take.  It takes a lot of passion and determination, and persistence," Doheny Peter said.

It's persistence that has paid off for Doheny Peter -- a working mom that has found success by doing what she loves, and sharing that love with others.

Doheny Peter's company is called Urban Bird Designs.

Here's where you can find Urban Bird in the Milwaukee area! 

    CLICK HERE to visit Dohney Peter's website -- for a look at more card designs and/or to make an order!