‘Cream Puff,’ ‘Bubbler’ and ‘Kringle’ top voting in peregrine falcon naming contest

MILWAUKEE -- We Energies asked you to name their peregrine falcon chicks after your favorite things about Wisconsin, and now that the results are in, we're sensing a pattern. Six of the top eight names are food and drink related! But it’s no surprise that Wisconsin is known for some tasty treats.

With almost 12,000 votes cast, the winners of this year’s contest are:

•    Cream Puff, in honor of a State Fair tradition.
•    Bubbler, in honor of Wisconsin’s fresh water.
•    Kringle, in honor of Wisconsin’s favorite pastry.
•    Scoop, in honor of delicious Wisconsin custard.
•    Brandy, in honor of the official state cocktail.
•    Tundra, in honor of the state’s longest season.
•    Blaze, in honor of blaze orange and pink worn by Wisconsin hunters.
•    Hoppy, in honor of the state’s many breweries.

We Energies will be using these names for the eight peregrine falcon chicks born at We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) power plants this spring.

Even though voting is done, you can still watch the chicks on the live cameras as they continue to grow. They won’t leave the nest for a few more weeks.