Crave the perfect cocktail for that spring day or Mother's Day? Bittercube can help

MILWAUKEE -- The temperatures outside on this Thursday aren't exactly spring-like. But soon they will be -- and you may crave a cocktail for that spring day or even Mother's Day. The people who operate Bittercube joined the Studio A team with some ideas.

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About Bittercube Bitters (from website)

Bittercube Bitters are developed and created in Milwaukee, WI, by hand with naturally sourced ingredients. No extracts or oils have ever been used in Bittercube Bitters. The process is different for each style of our bitters, with batches going through various phases on their way to completion, taking anywhere from two to five weeks depending on variety. Bittercube has grown from humble beginnings, starting with creating one gallon jars of bitters and growing to now producing batches in large maceration barrels – but the process has stayed the same.