Courthouse rally demands justice for Derek Williams

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A rally was held on Saturday, April 6th at the Milwaukee County Courthouse in honor of Derek Williams.

The group spoke out against the death of Williams -- who died in the backseat of a Milwaukee Police squad car back in 2011.

A special prosecutor assigned to an inquest in the case recently decided NOT to charge three officers involved in Williams' death. John Franke decided there is not enough evidence to charge the officers with "failure to render aid."

"You see no negligance, no neglect at all in this video and as a human being I see a lot. And I'm not going to stop and I thank God other people see what we see," Williams' aunt, Maleen Jordan said.

Those who took part in Saturday's rally say they're demanding justice for Williams' family.

Also at Saturday's rally was the family of Brandon Johnson.

Johnson died at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex in October of last year.

Johnson's neck was broken, but his family still does not know how he was injured.

A public John Doe investigation is ongoing in this case, to determine whether anyone should be charged in Johnson's death.