Court documents show detective took drugs from evidence

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- Robin Schumacher, a Wauwatosa Police Detective arrested and placed on administrative leave has officially been charged. Schumacher was arrested after an internal investigation by the Wauwatosa Police Department. 

Schumacher faces charges including: misconduct in public office (act in excess of lawful authority), possession of narcotic drugs, theft (value not exceeding $2,500 - with admission).

Schumacher has been in law enforcement for 21 years, and now, the Wauwatosa Police Chief is requesting her termination.

Search warrants were requested for Schumacher's desk, locker and home, and court documents detail the reasons for the request.

On July 11th, Wauwatosa Police Department Property Clerk Karen Roy was inside the police department's property room vault, where evidence recovered by officers is maintained, pending criminal proceedings.

Roy noticed drugs were missing.

Narcotics are kept inside the vault in a large safe, controlled by an electronic lock. However, narcotics are taken out of the safe after cases have been adjudicated. Those drugs are placed in what is called a "drug burn box."

Once the box is full, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office destroys the drugs.

Roy detected numerous packages of narcotics missing when she cross-checked the drugs to be destroyed with a computer printout. Missing were heroin, crack and powder cocaine, and prescription pills, including oxycontin, percocet and hydrocodone.

Video surveillance revealed on June 11th Detective Schumacher entered a northeast employee door at 6:08 p.m. The vault was opened at 6:10 p.m.

Schumacher was seen leaving the building carrying a large brown cardboard box that appeared to be a drug burn box with items in it.

She left in her personal car.

Approximately two hours later, she returned in her car, carrying the box. This time, it was empty.

On June 16th, documents say video showed Schumacher opening the vault using a key belonging to an evidence technician who was on vacation. She was in the area of the vault where prescription drugs dropped off by citizens are kept.

Video showed her leaving the vault with three bags, sitting at her desk, going through the bags. She appeared to remove pills from a pill bottle and put them in her pants pocket.

When later questioned, Schumacher admitted to being inside the vault and taking items.

When asked to empty her pocket, the search warrant documents say she pulled out the evidence technician's key to the vault and loose prescription pills.

Court records reveal the search of Schumacher's desk, locker and home turned up prescription medications, plastic packaging material, documents, drug paraphernalia, digital scale and a couple of guns.

The criminal complaint in the case says Schumacher told officials she is currently battling an addiction to painkillers.