"Couple more people couldn't hurt:" Waukesha West students join search, find missing boy in corn field

WAUKESHA -- 10-year-old Andrew Ounkham, a non-verbal boy with autism was found safe Monday, October 3rd after he wandered into a corn field near his home on Sunday. Ounkham was found by two Waukesha West High School students.

Adam Lembke played in a volleyball match at Waukesha West Monday night -- but nothing he could've done on the court would've topped what he and his friend Connor Kubiak did Monday morning.

Andrew Ounkham

Adam Lembke

"Actually, my family and I are really close friends with their family. I know my sister goes over to play with Andrew`s brother," Lembke said.

Lembke was part of the massive search that began Sunday for 10-year-old Andrew Ounkham. Law enforcement officials continued that search overnight, and on Monday morning, neighbors showed up en masse at Waukesha West High School to continue the search.

Lembke said he and Kubiak weren't sure whether they should go back out, since there were already so many volunteers, but Nate Kostolni said...

Nate Kostolni

"Couple more people couldn`t hurt at all -- so why don`t we just go out and try it?" Kostolni said.

With school officials' blessing, the three teenagers were among those looking for Andrew Ounkham Monday.

"Actually, I`m terrible with directions so I pretty much just followed Adam," Kubiak said.

"I know where their house is. I know the general direction of where he went, so I decided there`s nobody looking over there. They`re all looking closer to West here," Lembke said.

Search for Andrew Ounkham

Sure enough, about a mile into the corn field...

"We were just kind of walking, deciding where to go next and then we just saw him go around the corner," Lembke said.

"Adam said 'call 911 right now!'" Kubiak said.

CLICK the audio player below to listen to the 911 call that led authorities to Andrew Ounkham:

"He was just walking and talking and laughing and stuff. I kept looking over at Adam, like, `what is happening right now?'" Kubiak said.

Connor Kubiak

As for Kostolni, he had split off with another friend.

"I went and texted Adam and asked if him and Connor were the ones that found the kid and I got a text back saying `yeah we did it.` I should`ve stayed with them," Kostolni said.

Lembke said while the attention they've gotten since the boy was found safe is pretty cool, he doesn't think they were heroic. He said he believes, with the amount of people out looking, someone was bound to find Andrew Ounkham.

Search for Andrew Ounkham

Lembke said he's just glad they were able to get to him when they did.

Waukesha West teens who found Andrew Ounkham