Couple adopts seven brothers and sisters who were split up in three separate foster homes

MARIANNA, Fla. -- A Florida couple just became a family of nine after adopting seven children - all brothers and sisters and all at once!

Sofia and Dashoan Olds said they always knew they might adopt some day, according to Today.

The Olds said once they saw a news story about the siblings, it just felt right to adopt.

"There was no question, if they allow us to adopt these children, we will do it," said Sofia. "I like to say I felt like it was a calling. Honestly, when I saw that picture, it was automatic."

And, as it turns out, the couple could not have been more prepared.

Both served in the military and were deployed to Iraq. Today, Dashoan is a math teacher and Sofia is a social worker.

Now, the seven brothers and sisters, who lived in three separate foster homes, are together under one roof permanently.

"I never actually had a mom and dad under the same roof. But it feels great," said son Eric. "It's like they're both a half of something, like peanut butter and jelly."