County officials to meet with sheriff's department

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County officials will meet with the sheriff's department Thursday morning for an arbitration meeting. The meeting is being held to discuss the status of the on-going layoff debate.

Nearly 60 deputies were supposed to lose their jobs at the first of the year. However, last month, dozens of layoffs were put on hold after the unions representing the sheriff's department filed a temporary restraining order. The restraining order put a stop to the layoffs in late December.

They argued that their collective bargaining agreement with the county says the number of deputies being laid-off should depend on the number of deputies who retire by the end of the year.

Their request was granted by the judge, who said only 21 layoffs would occur, which saves approximately 40 jobs. Those 40 layoffs are still on hold as arbitration works itself out in court.

Attorneys for the county worry about the impact this will have on the county budget.