County Board overrides two of Co. Exec. Abele's vetoes

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The political tug-of-war between Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and the County Board came to a head on Wednesday, July 10th. In a special meeting Wednesday, the Board overruled two of the four vetoes issued by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Abele had tried to veto four measures recently passed by the Board.  Two of them surround a controversial decision to remove Kimberly Walker as Corporation Counsel.

"I know some colleagues don't trust her," Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo said.

Strong words were uttered as Kimberly Walker looked to retain her job as Milwaukee County's Corporation Counsel.  She was appointed to the role by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, but she was fired by the County Board last month.

"There have been instances where Ms. Walker has failed me as a client," Milwaukee County Supervisor David Cullen said.

Abele attempted to veto that decision, calling Walker a "great lawyer" who was the top candidate for the position.  But some Board members question her loyalty.

The relationship between the Board and the County Executive's Office has been strained recently -- particularly after Abele expressed his support of Act 14.  It's a measure that limits the power of the County Board while forcing supervisor's elections every two years.  It also slashes their pay in half.

"I think its reflective of the differences held by the supervisors and the executive who says he's a Democrat while he behaves like a Republican," Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick said.

The Board is also overriding Abele's veto to have the ability to seek outside legal counsel to sue the state over ACT 14.  Some Board members felt this issue was also tied to the dismissal of Walker, who was reportedly concerned about the perceived conflict of interest interpreting the measure.

Walker declined to comment on this story Wednesday.