Cool Choices: Outpost makes environmental sustainability fun through a unique app

MILWAUKEE -- Leaders at Outpost Natural Foods have spent years making environmental responsibility a priority, and now they're asking their employees to join their fight.

"Our mission is to encourage voluntary behavior change that reduces carbon emissions," said Cool Choices Director of Programs, Raj Shukla.

They're doing this through a game.

"The whole game is designed to basically build a culture around sustainability that people can build from taking little actions and go farther and farther," said Shukla.

It's through an app called Cool Choices.

Cool Choices App

"There are things like using a reusable bag at the grocery store or turning off the lights when you leave the room -- things that anybody can do," said Shukla.

Teams of employees work as a group and individually during the six-week program to accomplish their daily and weekly goals.

Brooke Washington has noticed the impact she can make from recycling to reducing her water usage.

"It was simple. I thought it was going to be a little difficult, but then I started playing it and it actually does help out," said Washington.

Of course there are prizes for a little extra motivation.

"Water bottles, tote bags, T-shirts," said Outpost Natural Foods Sustainability Manager Jessy Servi Ortiz.

And the ultimate goal is protecting the environment.

For more information on Cool Choices CLICK HERE.