Convicted sex offender who cut off GPS bracelet in West Bend taken into custody

WASHINGTON COUNTY --  Convicted sex offender Brandon King, 31, has been taken into custody by authorities in the City of Milwaukee. Law enforcement has been searching for King since Aug. 6.

King walked away from a halfway house in the Town of Jackson on Aug. 6 --  only five hours after being released from his 14-year prison sentence which he served for committing various child sex crimes.

King then cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet in the City of West Bend and disappeared.

Brandon King

On Thursday, Sept. 26 the Milwaukee Police Department received an anonymous tip that King was in the area outside of Aurora Sinai Medical Center. Two officers were dispatched to the area.

The officers researched and learned that the subject they received the tip on was most likely King. They responded to the area. After not locating anyone outside they decided to walk around on the inside of the hospital. Inside, they located a man that matched the description.

They made contact with the suspect who identified himself as someone other than King. The suspect was taken into custody and eventually confessed to being Brandon King. King had made changes to his hairstyle in an effort to disguise himself.

Halfway house in Town of Jackson

King has been charged in Washington County Circuit Court and could face an additional 6 years in prison for tampering with a global positioning system. He also has an outstanding warrant through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Law enforcement officials will continue to investigate who may have been assisting him since his escape.