Conversations for the Cure: Helping to empower, educate women about breast cancer

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Cancer is a word no one wants to hear from their doctor. But many loved ones of Amberlea Childs have received this difficult news, which is what prompted her to become a volunteer for Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin.

"Wanting to really help empower women and educate women so breast cancer became my platform," said Childs.

After spending years as a volunteer, Childs found out she too was about to join a sisterhood she never planned to be a part of.

"I was aware that it could be, me but you never think that it will be you everyone's always somewhat removed from it," said Childs.

While recovering from chemotherapy, radiation, and seven surgeries, Childs learned about an opportunity with Kohl's Conversations for the Cure.

"We`re having casual discussion about an important topic that ultimately could save someone`s life," said Childs.

She began hosting meetings to have real conversations about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of breast cancer.

As people listened they became motivated to join her effort.

"I followed her out the door and I felt really inspired to share this message of prevention. So I told her I wanted to help get this word out," said Kohl's Conversations for the Cure Leader Colleen Suess.

Encouraging women and men to take care of their health, while also spreading a message of hope and life.

"I feel very lucky that I'm here today to share my story and hopefully inspire some woman to say you know what I'm going to get off my couch I'm going to make that mammogram appointment because my family is important and I'm worth it," said Childs.

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