Contractor for streetcar project damages underground utility, businesses impacted

MILWAUKEE -- Streetcar construction in downtown Milwaukee hasn't been without glitches. A contractor damaged an underground telecommunications line for AT&T, which affected internet, landline and wireless services.

Pizza Shuttle and other businesses in the area have been impacted.

"Financially, it's affecting us in the tens of thousands. We're a very busy pizza restaurant. We're not receiving any orders via phone," Mark Gold with Pizza Shuttle said.

Mark Gold

Officials with the City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works described the construction mishap Monday, May 22nd as follows:

"As with any public works project, the contractors we hire perform due diligence in identifying locations of utilities within the construction zone. Unfortunately, despite the best precautions, an underground telecommunications utility was accidentally damaged."

The statement said crews would continue to work to ensure all customers are restored.

Pizza Shuttle

Meanwhile, at Pizza Shuttle, the main telephone number was transferred to a driver's phone, and customers have been encouraged to order online or in person.

"He's having a hard time without his phone for two days," Gold said.

Gold said the online and in-person orders don't make up for the usual volume of call-ins, nor the workload.

"It's about 60% of my business, and we had to tell people not to come in (Wednesday night) and (Tuesday night), so people's income and their next check is going to be a lot lower," Gold said.

The situation has not affected the construction timetable for the streetcar.

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Work underway on Milwaukee streetcar