Contact 6 viewer helps out Bears fan with Packers/Bears tickets

GREEN BAY -- FOX6's Contact 6 aired a story Wednesday night, September 12th about Aaron Groth, a Chicago Bears fan who lost out on tickets for Thursday night's Packers vs. Bears game after he paid $370 for tickets that never came. Thursday, Groth was surprised when a Contact 6 viewer (and Packers fan!) came through to help him out, despite him being a Bears fan.

Contact 6's Katrina Cravy made the anonymous ticket delivery to Groth Thursday afternoon. He'll be at Lambeau Field Thursday night to see the Packers take on his favorite team -- the Bears in prime time.

The only stipulation for attending the game -- the anonymous donor told Groth to "try not to wear too much Bears stuff!"

Groth bought two tickets to watch the game from Lambeau Field in Green Bay from a guy named "Skip."

"Casually mentioned he's a ticket broker.  Contacted me in a couple days and said 'if you want tickets to the Bears-Packers game let me know.  I can get you great seats for a decent price.' Then a day later he called and said he had a big order and needed some money to help cover, so I transferred him $370, and then I haven't heard from him since," Groth said.

Some Wisconsin sports fans know him as "Skip," but his real name is Mark Pemper. His company is Deluxe Tickets, and FOX6's Contact 6 has received complaints about Pemper and his company in the past. Last year, another fan almost lost out. That fan got his money back, but this time, "Skip" was a little too busy to talk to Contact 6.

Pemper is facing charges of theft and false representation. A criminal complaint accuses him of taking $3,900 from a Brewers fan for tickets to 20 games and a parking pass he never delivered -- similar to the four others Contact 6 has received since airing the story on Pemper and Deluxe Tickets last year.

Pempers website has since been shut down and his company has a "D" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

"Should have done my homework. I've obviously done research since then. He doesn't pay the government either," Groth said.

Pemper is on the Department of Revenue's "Top 100 Most Delinquent Taxpayers List" coming in at "Number 82." Pemper owes more than $546,000 in back taxes.

"I don't expect to get money back or tickets knowing what I know now about him, but if one person sees this and can save their money, then I'm okay," Groth said.

CLICK HERE to file a complaint with FOX6's Contact 6.