Contact 6: Tips for avoiding scams via online dating sites

MILWAUKEE -- Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and many are looking for someone to love, or just someone to take to dinner, but FOX6's Contact 6 says be careful where you look! Contact 6 has some tips on how to deal if someone tries to steal more than just your heart!

For every website promising it's a fun place to meet people, there are plenty of scorned lovers offering warnings. They post their frustrations not just about their broken hearts, but because they're broke - taken by the love they thought they found online.

So how do you know whether that great gal or guy is really a scam artist? The Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection says you should watch out for the following:

    You might think this is crazy, or who would fall for this? But Contact 6 has talked with plenty of men and women who were crazy in love until their bank accounts were drained, and they had to call Contact 6, and unfortunately, Contact 6 cannot help.

    The scammers use fake information, and fake pictures and are often out of the country. Contact 6 says don't be fooled by their sob stories and their gorgeous pictures on these online dating sites!

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