Contact 6 resolves two problems, gets back $1,000 for viewers

MILWAUKEE -- When you have a problem with a company, nothing can be more frustrating than getting the runaround through poor customer service.

FOX6's Contact 6 receives hundreds of complaints every week. Some are big wins, but most are smaller, more personal victories.

Barbara Friedman wanted to sell her grandmother's china collection at a local consignment shop called Legacies. However, shortly after turning it over, Friedman says Legacies lost all the pieces, and collections from both sets of grandparents were gone!

Over three months later, with no sign of the china, Friedman sent Contact 6 an email about it. "They promised me they would find them, and I never heard back, so I contacted Contact 6, and in one day you managed to help me find my dishes that they did, indeed have. It was a clerical mistake, which I completely understand. I'm just sorry that it took three-and-a-half months," Friedman said.

Legacies' owner didn't want to go on camera, but says Friedman's china is selling fast, bringing in hundreds of dollars.

Brian Hoffmeier wanted one of the windows in his home replaced, but had trouble making it happen. He says the window in his bathroom collects moisture around the frame, and showed Contact 6 pictures of mold growing inside his house.

Hoffmeier contacted his sales rep at Pella Windows, but says very little was done to fix the problem for close to a year, until Contact 6 got involved. Soon after, Hoffmeier got a full refund. "I needed a problem solved, and within a week I got a check. That was the fastest I got anything resolved," Hoffmeier said.

The company issues a statement saying they always work to totally satisfy customers and have a customer-friendly approach to problems.

Having solved both problems, Contact 6 helped get back a little more than $1,000!

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