Contact 6: Problems with NU2U Appliances refrigerators

MILWAUKEE -- Cleopatra Jones went through four refrigerators in four months. At first, she thought she was getting a good deal -- before she had to reach out to FOX6's Contact 6.

The freezer became a refrigerator for Jones when her refrigerator stopped working. The freezer itself was just barely cold enough to keep some meats and frozen goods cold.

"I just want a refrigerator that actually works, so I can buy my kids popsicles," Jones said.

Jones got all four refrigerators from NU2U Appliances -- two from their store on Hampton Avenue and two from their store on Capitol Drive. She paid $168, marked down from $199.

The first refrigerator cooled on top, but not on the bottom. The replacement fridge did the same thing. The third worked for two months and then died. The fourth refrigerator had the same, old problem!

"I said, 'what are you guys gonna do about this refrigerator?' 'Um, I don't know. This is your fourth refrigerator. This would be your fifth refrigerator.' I said 'okay, because you know, I'm getting upset too!' We had some words and he got upset. He hung up the phone and I called Contact 6," Jones said.

Jones sent a complaint to Contact 6 and it was the fourth such complaint Contact 6 has received regarding NU2U Appliances.

The store's owner, James Ramsey has responded to each complaint, refunding each customer.

Jones got her money and a fifth refrigerator.

Contact 6 asked Ramsey what is going on with these failing appliances. He didn't want to talk on camera, but he did admit that because these are used appliances, there's a lot that could potentially go wrong.