Contact 6: Only one website offers truly free credit report

MILWAUKEE -- Many aren't aware of the fact that you're entitled to one free credit report every 12 months, by law, and it's a great way to prevent against identity theft.

FOX6's Contact 6 says don't be fooled by online companies offering so-called "free" credit reports. Typically, you are charged heavy fees.

Only one website offers a truly free credit report, authorized by the federal government, and that's

This could mean the difference between extra security against potential identity theft, and serious trouble! "You want to go in and make sure everything is correct, there's no late payment, that you actually paid on time, or accounts you didn't open -- which means you've been a victim of identity theft and you want to go report that, or correct the information immediately," Amanda Walker with Consumer Reports said.

If you'd like to get your free credit score, click here for the website.

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