Contact 6: Hardiplank installation problems

MILWAUKEE -- You hire contractors to do home improvements you don't know how to do yourself, but how do you know if they've done it right?

Wouldn't you like to have a maintenance-free home? That's the beauty of Hardiplank siding, and its life-time warranty to never fade.

Tom Casey and his family wanted to improve their home after living here 15 years. Tom paid more than $20,000 for the new siding and thought it looked great, but something was done wrong.

Tom had no idea anything was wrong until the roofing people came, and noticed the siding wasn't installed the way it should have been. The problem was in certain spots like around the eve where the siding was touching the roof. The siding was supposed to have a buffer board. It's an installation error that voids the warranty on the siding.

Tom called BCI Exteriors, the people who installed the siding. Tom says, "I contacted them a couple times, and the roofing company contacted them too, and they still never responded."

The roofing company was waiting for BCI Exteriors to complete the job, but the company never showed.

That's when Tom contacted Contact 6. BCI Exteriors called us as soon as they got our letter. They said they wanted to come out and take a look at it.

BCI e-mailed Contact 6 saying:

"It was to our understanding that the Rep from HardiPlank was getting in touch with Mr. Casey.  Unfortunately, the..rep left the company and no one followed up with Mr. Casey. Please be assured we will be there to make all the necessary repairs." 

The owner of BCI Exteriors came out to Tom's home to make sure they were happy, and everything was done correctly.