Contact 6: Avoiding Badgers Rose Bowl ticket scams

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's Contact 6 is issuing a warning for anyone looking to see the Wisconsin Badgers in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Ticket scams are common, and the Better Business Bureau says those looking to book trips should be aware of fake tickets, especially online!

Contact 6 and the BBB urge Bucky fans to try buying tickets through a company that has been in business for a long time and has a good history of positive feedback and successful transactions.

Also, fans should always use a credit card or PayPal online, in order to be protected by the credit card company if something goes wrong with the purchase.

Fans should also be sure to get the seller's full name, phone number and email address before buying tickets, and never go alone to meet the seller. Ticket buyers should also ask for identification to be sure they're meeting the correct person.