Consumer Electronics Show 2012 Preview

Around this time of year, Las Vegas is turned into a techie’s dream. Besides Apple, every tech company is there to show off what’s next. The Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas is *the* tech event of the year. The first event took place in New York City in 1967. Back then, there were just 200 exhibitors and less than 20,000 attendees.

Today, thousands of companies show off their latest innovations to 150,000 attendees and press from around the world. Almost every single innovation over the past four decades was first shown off at CES, from the VCR in 1970 to the C.D. in 1981. There was also the DVD in 1996, HD-TV in 1998, and 3-D TV in 2009.

I’ve been covering the show for several years, and this time, in addition to the reports, I’ll bring you right here. I’m also hosting Spike TV’s CES All-Access. This is going to be five hours of live TV coverage on Tuesday, January 10th with my co-host, iJustine. While I’m busy doing five hours of coverage across the U.S., iJustine will be managing the Twitter and Facebook stations so people can keep up with the action.

Soon enough we’ll see the new gadgets that will impact us in the months and years to come.
Every year at CES there’s some sot of rivalry, HDDVD versus Blu-ray, VHS versus Beta and more. Tech is somewhat of a sport in Las Vegas, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun. There are winners and losers, and we’ll have to find out who pulls out ahead this week at CES.  

There will be a big change at next year’s CES. Microsoft says it won’t be there, so we’ll see how that impacts this year’s show. If you want to learn more about when to tune into my Spike TV coverage, check out