Construction on I-94 creates headaches for some concert-goers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Interstate 94 has closures in portions of both directions this weekend. With the 36 hour project, some of the gridlock spilled over to side roads, which created additional backups over by Miller Park for the Kenny Chesney concert. Drivers tell us it was more like they were parked on I-94, rather than moving, as they were bumper to bumper the entire way into Milwaukee County.

"We were really excited to come down we didn't know anything about any Milwaukee traffic," said Jennifer Lill.

Her group of friends from Chicago got more than they bargained for when they ran into traffic on the interstate.

"No car was moving not one single car was honestly moving," said Lill.

"You just sat there and creeked along and creeked along we took over and wanted to take side streets and we still creeked along," said Jason Kaye.

Drivers felt it was unavoidable as southbound lanes closed from Rawson to Drexel Avenue, and the northbound lanes closed from 27th to College Avenue.

"It was just a standstill and it just kept getting worse," said Kaye.

Getting worse as Kaye saw many drivers try and get creative with their own detour route.

"People just doing U-turns left and right and I don't even know where they were going you had no place you could go," he added.

With no place to go, this group from Chicago will stay in Wisconsin overnight, have a few cold ones, "until the sun goes down," and wait for traffic to subside.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation said it had many calls of cars stalling, overheating and even running out of gas while stuck on I-94. Tow trucks rode up and down the shoulder to help those drivers in distress. The freeway closures will run until 9 a.m. Sunday.